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  • Commuting

    Your daily commute between work and home impacts our environment tremendously. With the Cloverly for Slack app, you can easily offset that travel, even if the mileage varies.

  • Business Trips

    Whether it's a flight to Scranton, Pennsylvania, or a road trip to Atlanta, it's now super simple to offset all of your work trips with Cloverly.

  • Office Supplies

    Getting work done takes supplies and equipment. Deliveries of those supplies generate tons of carbon emissions. Cloverly to the rescue!

  • Coffee

    We all love a good Ethiopian light roast pour-over, right? Your coffee is responsible for carbon emissions too. Use the /green my coffee command.

  • Ridesharing

    We're all rushing to meetings. Isn't it nice to use your phone to request an Uber or share a Lyft with a collegue? You guessed it: That generates carbon. We're here to help.

  • Lunch Outings

    What's your favorite lunch spot? Whether it's that Cuban restaurant downtown or the sushi place out on the highway, it usually takes a vehicle to get there. Green that trip with our Cloverly for Slack app.

Green for Your Team

With Cloverly for Slack, get started today on making your team a little greener.

Cloverly for Slack Commands

  • /green help

    Get a list of some example commands.

  • /green configure

    Configure Cloverly for Slack for your team and your personal settings.

  • /green coffee

    Offset that morning routine. Variations can include "my coffee", "1 pot of coffee", and "2 pots of coffee".

  • /green my flight from ATL to SFO

    Offset a flight using airport codes. Variations can include "from LGA to ATL to SFO" and "from SFO".

  • /green shipment

    Offset deliveries. Just add an origination zip code and the shipment weight. We enjoy a coffee delivery subcription, so we offset that with "shipment from 94577 weighing 32 ounces".

  • /green trip from atlanta to la

    Taking a busines road trip? Offset it with this command. Variations can include "my 15 mile trip" and "trip from atlanta to new york".

  • /green my 15 mile commute

    Offset your daily commute by providing a distance calculation.

Start Offsetting Today

Cloverly can work in a variety of other scenarios. Rideshares, grocery deliveries, online orders, late night pizza orders—the list goes on. That’s where you come in.