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Cloverly for Slack enables you to green your daily actions

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  • Commute

    Each day workers commute between work and home. This has a huge impact on our environment and with the Cloverly for Slack app you can now simply offset your travel distance when you get to work.

  • Business Trips

    Whether it's a flight to Scranton Pennsylvania or a road trip to Atlanta. It's now super simple to offset the milage you put in for your work trips with Cloverly.

  • Office Supplies

    It takes supplies and equipment to get work done. Did you know those supplies generate tons of carbon emissions each time your company gets them delivered to the office?

  • Coffee

    We all love a good ethiopian light roast pour over in the mornings, right? Well you might be surpised to know that your coffee is responsible for carbon emissions too. Use the /green my coffee command.

  • Ridesharing

    Meetings, meetings, meetings! We all have meetings that we're rushing to get to and isn't it nice to now use our iphone to request an Uber or share a Lyft with a collegue. Well you guessed it... that generates carbon and we're here to help.

  • Lunch Outtings

    We all have our favorite lunch spot. Whether it be that Cuban restaurant downtown or the Sushi restaurant on the other side of the highway it often takes a vehicle to get there. Make that trip green with our Cloverly for Slack app.

Green for your Teams

With Cloverly for Slack, get started today making your team a little greener.

Cloverly for Slack Commands

  • /green help

    Get a list of some example commands

  • /green configure

    Configure Cloverly for Slack for your team and your personal settings.

  • /green coffee

    Offset that morning routine. Variations can include "my coffee", "1 pot of coffee", or "2 pots of coffee"

  • /green my flight from ATL to SFO

    Offset a flight using airport codes. Variaions can include "from LGA to ATL to SFO" and "from SFO".

  • /green shipment

    Offset deliveries. We enjoy a coffee delivery subcription, so we offset that subscription with "shipment from 94577 weighing 32 ounces"

  • /green trip from atlanta to la

    Taking a busines road trip? Offset that road trip with this command. Variations include "my 15 mile trip" or "trip from atlanta to new york".

  • /green my 15 mile commute

    Offset your daily commute by providing a distance calculation on that commute.

Start Offsetting Today

Cloverly can work in a variety of other scenarios. Rideshares, grocery deliveries, online orders, late night pizza orders the list goes on. That’s where you come in.